New Library Posters from City College Students

New Spring 2008 Library posters have just been designed and printed by students in the Graphic Communications Department, the Graphics 68 class. Jesse Smithwho designed an image of 1968 Olympic Gold By Jesse SmithMedalist, Tommie Smith, last year for the library exhibition “The Stand: Student Athletes of Color and Their Activism,” designed the Spring 2008 library exhibition poster.

Both posters here were printed by Colin Hall at the Mission Campus. Jesse also designed the bookmark above for “Six Degrees of Separation, A Hungarian Experience.”

Fernando Signio designed this poster with an image created by Emory Douglas in the 1970s for the Black Panther newspaper. Douglas was a CCSF student in the Art Department when he started working for the Panthers. During February of 2008, Emory Douglas visited many of the City College Campuses to talk about his work.

Check Out These New Books in the City College Library:
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Handwritten: Expressive Lettering in the Digital Age

Hand Job : A Catalog of Type

Designing Type


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