The Ecology of Where You Live

March 6- September 4, 2009


The Earth Day theme this year on campus is “Towards Zero Waste.” Sustainable practices are important not just for humans, but for the animals and plants with whom we share the land. As city dwellers,   we often don’t notice the amazing creatures that share our city. This exhibit is a brief introduction.

You can explore more:

Participate in the CCSF Earth Day Celebration

Volunteer with some of the organizations you see listed   under “Websites” on the Resources List.

Enroll in a class in the Biology Department.

Come into the Library and ask a Reference Librarian for                      help finding more information on any of the topics you’re interested in exploring.

Lisa DiGirolamo, Ph.D.

Student projects:

Lacey Hutchens: Drawing of weather cycle and butterfly cycle

Mary Swanson: Photos and help with specimens

Christina Vetterick: Species information

Melissa Weiss: Natural areas display and survey

Find more information about local ecology!

Library Resources on Biology

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