10 x 10: The Library’s 100th Exhibition

4th Floor Rosenberg Library, through March, 2010

From Oceania, nature journals and sweaters of resistance to motorcycles, manga and the reading life, we explore it all.

Welcome to the Library’s 100th Exhibition!
Through the Library Exhibition Program the library has spent the last 10 years exploring ideas and concepts with fascinating Collaborators. 10 x 10 includes snapshots of our collaborative projects—partnerships with CCSF Departments, individual CCSF classes, or local and national organizations.
Together, we have:

Viewed fantastic detailed comics and manga by City College students
Learned the history behind the 1968 Olympic power salute

Studied family photos of San Francisco neighborhoods
Worked closely with United Playaz, Youth Speaks and more…

Contemplated the effects of 9/11

Some of the exhibitions we have revisited are:
CJ8: Voices From Inside, poetry from College Students incarcerated in the San Francisco County Jail (2003)
Klak* Pow! Whine#: Comics, Cartoons and Manga  from
City College (2001)
Tapa, the Cloth that Binds Us: Stories from the Oceanic Diaspora

The Stand: Student Athletes of Color and Their Activism (2007)

And there’s more to come!

For 2009-2010 we’re responding to your comments and invitations to collaborate. We’re addressing these issues and more:
Remembering that an artist can be anyone, anywhere, with different abilities
Determining how to create a career working with motorcycles

Finding free images to use on your posters and flyers
Learning to re-invent the book

We’re displaying ten years of comment books:  You’ve contemplated the issues displayed, critiqued them, in responded to each other’s comments…in multiple languages and even multiple alphabets!

Thanks for working with us. We look forward to many more fruitful collaborations.
Over the last 10 years the Library has added more than 300 new books and DVDs through the Library Exhibition Program.

New Books from the Library Exhibition Program

City Currents Article (scroll down to page 5)

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