Words, Verses & Garabatos

November 18, 2009-April 16, 2010 Artists from Creativity Explored approach text in unconventional ways in new work on paper and wood.

Artists: Daniel Green, Evelyn Reyes, Merna Lum, John Patrick McKenzie, Berta Otoya, Ka Wai Shiu, Ana Maria Vidalon, Suet Fun Ow Young

Paintings on wood, handwriting on glass and re-invented musical scores are some of the work on display from artists of Creativity Explored. Located on 16th Street near Guerrero, Creativity Explored, is a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art. For more than twenty five years, Creativity Explored has offered a fine arts program taught by renowned Bay Area artists including Ester Hernandez, Victor Cartagena, Paul Moshammer, Bessie Kunath and Pilar Olabarria. The Creativity Explored mission supports the dignity of artmaking and personal expression, organizational beliefs are described as: “All people are creative, given a supportive environment; Creative expression fosters personal growth; Self-worth, a sense of purpose, and community are essential for all people; Visual art is language everyone can use; Disability is not a boundary; and Art making is a viable career path.”

Check out these books and websites:
Library Resources on Art with Text

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