The Portraits of Vincent Jackson

February, 2010

In celebration of African American History Month, we present:
The Portraits of Vincent Jackson.

Vincent Jackson was born in 1961 and is a San Francisco native. He has been an artist in the Creativity Explored studio since 1984.

Jackson is one of the most prolific artists at Creativity Explored, and is known for large-scale figurative oil pastels with heavy layers of color and thick defining lines. Jackson breaks up the human form into geometric shapes and emphasizes each plane with saturated colors and substantial black outlines.

The mask-like works that result from Jackson‘s process relate to many African and Oceanic folk art images. After years of working primarily withdrawing media, Jackson has recently been  experimenting with three-dimensional artwork.

In 2009 Jackson’s work was chosen adorn the third  series of artisanal chocolates from Recchiuti Confections, one of Creativity Explored’s community arts partners.

African American History Month 2010

See Vincent Jackson’s work at Creativity Explored

City Currents Article

See Vincent Jackson’s chocolate designs

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