Gender Awareness Project

Reference Case 4th Floor Through January 28, 2011

Supporting Safety in All Spaces for All Genders

The Transgender Day of Remembrance held every November 20th was set aside to memorialize those who have been killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. The event began in San Francisco in 1999 and has grown to include events worldwide. At CCSF we have transformed this day of remembrance into a day of awareness to promote education and advocacy.

Right here on our campus the Rosenberg Building is not always perceived as a safe place for transgender people. Over the past decade there have been many documented incidents of harassment of transgender people entering the Rosenberg Library building. CCSF students in the Gender Diversity Project (GDP) have responded with advocacy and developed transgender sensitivity trainings for faculty and staff. To date over 90 faculty and staff have requested and attended our GDP two hour training.  We work directly with faculty & staff in order to reach as many in the CCSF community as possible with the idea of ‘each one teach thirty.’ We salute those who work to include awareness and sensitivity of transgender issues and rights and help us all see the interconnection of promoting the human rights we all deserve (to find out more or to schedule a training for your department, go to the Gender Diversity Project website, or call 452-5202 or email

I would like to invite the CCSF community to be a part of making Rosenberg and all CCSF spaces safer for all genders. I hope that faculty and staff can be part of transforming every space on campus to ensure that everyone is safe here.

Please consider:
•Attending CCSF Transgender Awareness Day events
•Advocating for gender neutral bathrooms on all campuses and in all buildings
•Learning more about resources for trans students (Gender Diversity Project website

The CCSF Library has great resources on gender diversity:

GDP-Trans Resource List

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