Hoy Como Ayer: Generations of Latin Music

September 22 2011-March 24, 2012

Hoy Como Ayer, created in collaboration with City College of San Francisco’s Music Department, focuses on 4 styles of Latin Music: Samba, Corrido, Salsa and Afro-Cuban Music. As Professor Rebecca Mauleon, author of the exhibition text, points out, these are just a few of the many styles  within the pantheon of Latin music. The exhibition includes photographs by Stanley Lopez Padilla, student projects, LP covers, CDs and cassettes, handwritten musical scores by Inaudiz Paisan Mallet of Santiago de Cuba, photographs, books and musical instruments.

Check out these resources in the CCSF Library and do the assignment:

Latin Music Assignment and Book List

Photographs by Stanley Lopez Padilla:

John Santos and Orestes Vilató

Olodum in San Francisco from Bahia, Brazil, as Grand Marshalls of Carnaval, 2003

Nicinha Dancing, Santa Amaro, Brazil, 1997
Michael Spiro and Ginga Brazil, Carnaval San Francisco
John Santos and the Machete Ensemble at the San Francisco Jazz Festival, 2006
John Calloway and Orlando Valle/Maraca perform with the John Santos Sextet for the opening of the American Sabor exhibit on August 27, 2011 at the San Francisco Public Library


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