Why Reinvent the Wheel?

Why Reinvent the Wheel? Kay Russell’s CCSF Painting Students Learn from the Master Works

October 23, 2012-April 6, 2013
Rosenberg Library, City College of San Francisco

Painting from “Master Works:”

Many art instructors teach students by having them copy paintings, drawings or photographs made by experienced and well regarded artists. Painting from different master art works allows students to carefully study different artistic approaches and to experiment with different techniques before settling into their own style. Painting from master works created over centuries offers an infinite range of imagery, color selection and approaches to painting.

Learn to Paint at City College:

Check the Art Department class schedule for painting classes for beginners though advanced painters.

Library Resources:

Database, Books and Magazines
ARTstor Image Database:
is an online database that the CCSF Library subscribes to. It offers high resolution access to over a million paintings, photographs, maps and other images. CCSF students can access ARTstor through the Library: www.ccsf.edu/library, then choose Articles and Databases and click on ARTstor. Would you like to see the fine strokes of a painting in detail, or examine a photograph’s details, study the curves or grooves in a piece of sculpture? ARTstor offers rich, lush images in extremely high definition so that you can enjoy the details of a work of art, a map or an architectural site. Members of the CCSF community can download ARTstor images for educational use. Ask a CCSF librarian for more information.

Every library at CCSF has books on painting and drawing.  To see some of the paintings used in Kay Russell’s classes look at books in the library on these very different artists:

Claude Monet: A French Impressionist painter especially known for his landscapes(1840-1926).

Chiura Obata: A Bay Area Japanese American artist interned with his family during World War II during which he founded the Topaz Art School (1885-1975).

Georgia O’Keeffe: An American Modernist artist famous for her paintings of flowers, bones and the landscape of New Mexico, (1887-1986).

John Singer Sargent: An American portraitist who turned to landscapes later in his life (1956-1925).


The Library subscribes to: Art in America and ARTnews come in and take a look!

Watercolor Exhibition Assignment and CCSF Book List

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