It’s in Your Hands: Recycling at City College

April 5-September 22 Rosenberg Library, 4th Floor

Check web for Library Hours

Recycle cans and bottles RECYCLE:
CCSF students throw away approximately 10 tons of garbage every day, about 4 tons of which is recyclable materials and ends up in the garbage instead. A little bit of thought about where you put your trash goes a long way.

We can easily get overwhelmed by the quantity of information surrounding recycling–what goes where, what should or shouldn’t I do? To make things more difficult, best practices are constantly changing. This overload of information can lead to indifference or even paralysis–a feeling that there’s nothing that an individual can do. This exhibit hopes to change this tendency by demonstrating that each one of us can make a positive change in our environment footprint. The power of one can become the power of many–the means to change is in your hands! IMG_5005 Over the past 10 years, Emerge Studio of the Graphic Communications Department has partnered with the CCSF Graphic Communications Department to create materials addressing various aspects of recycling and waste management at the College. The design work in this display represents a sampling of this collaboration. The CCSF Recycling Department, run by Carlita Martinez, is responsible for developing and implementing College policies. The College waste management strategy emphasizes reducing the amount of waste created, reusing products whenever possible, recycling what remains, and closing the loop through the purchase of products with recycled and biodegradable content.

Emerge Studio is a full-service design communications studio, run as a practicum for advanced Graphic Communications students. The Studio provides quality communications pieces to the College community, while providing students with the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities through professional practice.

Recology Assignment and List of Resources

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