Library exhibitions are about you, the CCSF community. We look at issues that affect all of us—issues that challenge us and bring us joy—cultural heritage, health, neighborhood histories, immigration,  gentrification,  and more. Like the library itself we explore ideas from multiple perspectives. Every subject we address in these exhibitions can be researched in the library and we’ll help you do it. Come in, email us or IM us.

Each library exhibition is cosponsored by at least one academic department and an assignment that emphasizes visual literacy skills is created. Exhibitions are designed to serve as a catalyst for further exploration in the Library.

Click here for Exhibition Guidelines

Our Team

Katrina Rahn
Library Exhibitions Curator

David Liang
Exhibitions Assistant

If you would like further information, please contact
Katrina Rahn, Library Exhibitions Curator
City College Library


2 responses to “About

  1. I enjoy and am inspired by each and every exhibit displayed in Rosenberg Library. I work at DSPS and the photography exhibit currently outside our office is excellent. The quality of the photos and the way they capture the enthusiasum, dedication and enjoyment of both the students and the instructors is incredible. Though I have looked at it many times, I still find myself drawn in to these students beautiful faces and imagining what they feel and experience in their class. Thank you so much for continuing these incredibly high quality and creative exhibits.

  2. In May I brought my art class to see the exhibit Breaking Boundaries. We are all pictured in this exhibit and the students had a wonderful time finding themselves and their friends during the visit. Richard Bermack has composed this exhibit with great sensitivity, capturing the dedication of the individuals to their work, visible in the faces of the students. We especially liked the three dimensional displays. During the photo session, the photographer became part of the “woodwork”, unnoticeable, and he demonstrated respect for the students and their art work. Thanks, Richard

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