Library exhibitions are about the CCSF community. Library exhibits look at issues that affect communities—cultural heritage, health, neighborhood histories, immigration, gentrification,  and more. The exhibits are a conversation and explore ideas from multiple perspectives.

Each library exhibition is a collaboration with community members or academic departments. An assignment that emphasizes visual literacy skills is available for classroom use. Exhibitions are designed to serve as a catalyst for further exploration of the Library’s extensive collections.

Please note that we are not currently reviewing proposals but feel free to suggest an exhibit idea for now.

Our Team
Katrina Rahn, Library Exhibitions Curator
Rene Turcios, Exhibitions Intern, Fall 2020

Exhibits Advisory Committee
Katrina Rahn, Library, Chair
Nancy Mizuno Elliot, Art
Amber Straus, Student Success

Community and CCSF Advisors
Maureen Bourbin
Chris Burns
Dayna Holz

If you would like further information, please contact
Katrina Rahn, Library Exhibitions Curator

Suggest an exhibit idea.