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We Have a Voice! Celebrating Youth Artists in San Francisco

November 18, 2016-May 4, 2017
Rosenberg Library, 3rd floor
Ocean Campus
Library Hours


See the work of young artists working with Youth Art Exchange (YAX), a non profit neighbor of City College.

Come to the YAX special event:
On Friday, December 2, SOMArts and YAX host a gallery preview, happy hour, and youth film festival. From 5–6PM, get a sneak peak at the visual, technical, and multimedia arts in the gallery, and enjoy a happy hour with wine and beer (21+), non-alcoholic drinks, and hors d’oeuvres. At 6PM, enjoy nachos and popcorn while being dazzled with a curated collection of youth-produced films on the big screen. More information here!

About the Rosenberg Library Exhibition: Youth Art Exchange sparks a shared creative practice between professional artists and public high school students, furthering youth as leaders, thinkers, and artists in San Francisco. To accomplish this, Youth Art Exchange offers citywide arts, high quality education programming, field trips, events, and more.

Students at Youth Art Exchange represent the diversity of San Francisco. Some come to Youth Art Exchange because of a self-identified love of the arts, or they say they absolutely must get into the Black & White Photography class. Others are looking for something, anything, to do after school. Others are coerced by their friends to come and try something totally new, or are lured by the free snacks. Some are squeezing Youth Art Exchange in with five other clubs, sports or jobs; while others are at Youth Art Exchange anytime they’re not at school and our door is open. They take classes at Youth Art Exchange because their school doesn’t offer arts classes, or not the ones in which they’re interested. They take classes with us because they can get high school elective credit through SFUSD for them and feel like they’re really working- but also having fun, too. They take classes with us because “free” is within their budget.

The majority of students who come to Youth Art Exchange end up staying on for multiple sessions. They stay with us because they make friends from outside of their school and neighborhood, because they explore relevant themes that they come up with themselves, and because they get to know their city better. Finally, they stay because they and the faculty artists leading their classes become each other’s biggest fans.

Our youth are diverse, and what they share in common is motivation, curiosity, and a willingness to put themselves out there and try something new. They help create what Youth Art Exchange is, and it is a place that is safe to do all of those things – to be weird, to be serious, to be unsure but try it anyway. It’s a place where they can learn how to best articulate their ideas and have the space to share them.

Click here for the Assignment and a list of books and more on how to make things.





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75 Years of Photographs

Overall Header at top of Photog post
Photo credit: David Goldberg

May 18, 2015 to Feb. 18, 2016 Madeleine Haas Russell Gallery, 2nd Floor, Rosenberg Library, Ocean Campus

Selections from the
CCSF Photography Department
An exhibition of work by
current and former students,
faculty and staff 1939-2014.

CCSF Photography is proud to show a selection from “75 Years of Photographs, Selections from the Photography Department” as part of the 80th year anniversary of CCSF.

Help us Celebrate Thursday October 15th from 6:00-7:30
with a public reception.
Rosenberg Library, 2nd Floor Madeleine Haas Russel Gallery.

The City College of San Francisco offered its first photography class in 1939 and its Director, Beverly J Pasqualetti took a brief break to command a Navy photo squadron during World War II and returned to be the department chair for over forty years. Since then the program has grown into one of the oldest and largest programs in the country, currently with over two dozen courses and more than twenty Instructors who are accomplished photographers in their own right. Come see work from students, faculty and staff produced during this time span and help celebrate 75 years of visual excellence.

Learn More About the CCSF Photography Department and it’s classes

Download the exhibition assignment and list of resources.

phOTO 2 PHoto big camera PHOTO 1

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At the John Adams Center Library

From the Loom: Tapestries and Weavings
By John Adams Center Students

March 16-May 8, 2015
Click here for location and hours

City College students in the weaving and tapestry classes in the Fashion Department at the John Adams Center have filled the library with more than fifty works. Instructors for these classes are Deborah Corsini and Janice Sullivan. Sign up for a class!

Weaving 1        Weaving 5
Weaving 4 Weaving 2 Weaving 3

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It’s in Your Hands: Recycling at City College

April 5-September 22 Rosenberg Library, 4th Floor

Check web for Library Hours

Recycle cans and bottles RECYCLE:
CCSF students throw away approximately 10 tons of garbage every day, about 4 tons of which is recyclable materials and ends up in the garbage instead. A little bit of thought about where you put your trash goes a long way.

We can easily get overwhelmed by the quantity of information surrounding recycling–what goes where, what should or shouldn’t I do? To make things more difficult, best practices are constantly changing. This overload of information can lead to indifference or even paralysis–a feeling that there’s nothing that an individual can do. This exhibit hopes to change this tendency by demonstrating that each one of us can make a positive change in our environment footprint. The power of one can become the power of many–the means to change is in your hands! IMG_5005 Over the past 10 years, Emerge Studio of the Graphic Communications Department has partnered with the CCSF Graphic Communications Department to create materials addressing various aspects of recycling and waste management at the College. The design work in this display represents a sampling of this collaboration. The CCSF Recycling Department, run by Carlita Martinez, is responsible for developing and implementing College policies. The College waste management strategy emphasizes reducing the amount of waste created, reusing products whenever possible, recycling what remains, and closing the loop through the purchase of products with recycled and biodegradable content.

Emerge Studio is a full-service design communications studio, run as a practicum for advanced Graphic Communications students. The Studio provides quality communications pieces to the College community, while providing students with the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities through professional practice.

Recology Assignment and List of Resources

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Rosenberg Library Exhibitions, Spring to Fall 2013


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March 15, 2013 · 1:19 am

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

Why Reinvent the Wheel? Kay Russell’s CCSF Painting Students Learn from the Master Works

October 23, 2012-April 6, 2013
Rosenberg Library, City College of San Francisco

Painting from “Master Works:”

Many art instructors teach students by having them copy paintings, drawings or photographs made by experienced and well regarded artists. Painting from different master art works allows students to carefully study different artistic approaches and to experiment with different techniques before settling into their own style. Painting from master works created over centuries offers an infinite range of imagery, color selection and approaches to painting.

Learn to Paint at City College:

Check the Art Department class schedule for painting classes for beginners though advanced painters.

Library Resources:

Database, Books and Magazines
ARTstor Image Database:
is an online database that the CCSF Library subscribes to. It offers high resolution access to over a million paintings, photographs, maps and other images. CCSF students can access ARTstor through the Library:, then choose Articles and Databases and click on ARTstor. Would you like to see the fine strokes of a painting in detail, or examine a photograph’s details, study the curves or grooves in a piece of sculpture? ARTstor offers rich, lush images in extremely high definition so that you can enjoy the details of a work of art, a map or an architectural site. Members of the CCSF community can download ARTstor images for educational use. Ask a CCSF librarian for more information.

Every library at CCSF has books on painting and drawing.  To see some of the paintings used in Kay Russell’s classes look at books in the library on these very different artists:

Claude Monet: A French Impressionist painter especially known for his landscapes(1840-1926).

Chiura Obata: A Bay Area Japanese American artist interned with his family during World War II during which he founded the Topaz Art School (1885-1975).

Georgia O’Keeffe: An American Modernist artist famous for her paintings of flowers, bones and the landscape of New Mexico, (1887-1986).

John Singer Sargent: An American portraitist who turned to landscapes later in his life (1956-1925).


The Library subscribes to: Art in America and ARTnews come in and take a look!

Watercolor Exhibition Assignment and CCSF Book List

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Fall to Spring Library Exhibitions 2012


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