Art and Images for Non-Art classes:

It is Easy for Faculty to Bring Classes to Rosenberg Library to Engage with Art and Images

Downloadable assignments!
Do you worry that students bombarded by images in the media are passively consuming culture? Developing visual literacy is essential. Help your students learn to interpret the images that surround them by responding to exhibitions in the CCSF Libraries: Rosenberg, Chinatown/North Beach and John Adams Center Libraries.

A new downloadable handout helps students carefully look at library exhibitions, drawing what they see. Our assessments show that when students have the chance to examine images and art carefully an to read accompanying text, their visual literacy skills increase.

Exhibitions in the library reflect the concerns of the whole City College Community. Clear, accessible text explains the content of each exhibition. Library Exhibition assignments make it easy for instructors to guide students as they practice carefully observing and responding ideas through images.
Faculty can send students on their own (perhaps as extra credit) or accompany students to the Rosenberg Library.

Download these assignments:

SOMA Assignment

Rough Resemblance Assignment

Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here: Transcendent Hope

Rosie the Riveter, Icon of Beauty, Brawn and Power

We Have a Voice : Celebrating Youth Artists in SF

Always Useful Library Exhibition Assignment (all 3 library exhibitions)

Sue Ko Lee Library Assignment     (To use with Sue Ko Lee blog entry)

Email Librarian Katrina Rahn ( or College Success Instructor Amber Straus ( to brainstorm how to fit art and images into your curriculum.

Sample Student Responses: