Exhibition List


Fall 2019
Why the Immigrants Come: Contemporary Maya Paintings and Textiles from Guatemala
In the Classroom: Social Justice Posters: Extended Exhibition
MakerSphere [Rotating]


Spring 2019
The Unique Costumes of the 56 Ethnic Groups of China
In the Classroom: Social Justice Posters: Extended Exhibition
MakerSphere [Rotating]

Spring-Fall 2018
Ohlone Elders and Youth Speak: Restoring a California Legacy
In the Classroom: Social Justice Posters
MakerSphere [Rotating]

Fall 2017
Soma|South of Market, SF: We Live Here, Means of Exchange, Pinoy Stories in
Words and Pictures
Rough Resemblance: Celebrating 80 Years of Forum Magazine

MakerSPHERE and the Collaboratory Hub
Stay True: Jackson Whittington and Portola Middle School 

Building the Art House/Southeast San Francisco
Spring 2017
Bling Blang, You Bring the Hammer I’ll Bring a Nail: Artworkers in Southeast SF
Cutting the Rug: Capturing the Night Life
Digging In: Our Green Spaces
Telling Discards: Women’s Work
Get the Story (Not) Straight

Power. Word. Meaning.
Fall 2016
Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here: Transcendent Hope
Rosie the Riveter: Icon of Beauty, Brawn and Power
We Have a Voice: Celebrating Youth Artists in SF
Juan Felipe Herrera, First Chicano Laureate

Our San Francisco
Fall 2015
Compositions: A San Francisco Filipino American Experience
I am San Francisco, Black Past and Presence
Declarations for the New Year: Mini show by Related Tactics and SOEX

City College: Celebrating 80 Years
Spring 2015
75 Years of Photographs, Selections from the CCSF Photography Department
Celebrating 80 Years: City College is STILL Your College
¡Huelga! 50 Year Anniversary of the Delano Grape Strike
Black and Brown Lives Matter
Go to ALA!

Breathing Freedom
Fall 2014
Project Survive, 1994-2014
How We Play: Circus Acrobatics, Break Dance & Capoeira
Books = Art

Growing a New World
Spring 2014
A Show of Power: Africans and African Americans in Science Fiction and Fantasy
Our American Stories: Asian American Artists Illuminate History, Culture and Identity
Between the Leaves Pictures Nestle on the Pages of Books

Yes, We’re Here
Fall 2013
Mujeres Mayas: Maya Women, Contemporary Indigenous Painting from Guatemala
White Collar: A Depression-Era Graphic Novel About Work
New World Border and the Great Tortilla Conspiracy
Goran Konjevod, Paper Sculpture

The Present is New
Spring 2013
It’s in Your Hands: Recycling at City College of San Francisco
Letterpress Alive! 78 Years at City College
Finding Home: Artwork by Veterans

Fall Imaginary
Fall 2012
Botellas Curadas: Healing Herbs and Home Remedies
Why Reinvent the Wheel, The Watercolors of CCSF Students
Cuba: Two Views:
Afrodescendientes/Afrodescendents, Photographer Roberto Chile and

El Calor del Sol: Steven Daiber and Red Trillium Press

Orange Is
Spring 2012Spanning the Gate: Celebrating the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary
Bring Your Own Bag, It’s the Food You Put in That Counts!
What Cannot be Taken Away, Families and Prisons Project, Artist Evan Bissell

All Together Now
Fall 2011-Spring 2012
Hoy Como Ayer: Generations of Latin Music
The Men Along the Shore and the Legacy of 1934
Coloring Outside the Lines: Black Cartoonists as Social Commentators

The Empathetic Eye
Spring 2011-Fall 2011
Revolutionizing Memory, Constructing the Future
Breaking Boundaries: The DSPS Community at City College
Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Recreated, Recology’s Artist in Residence Program
Marion Brown and the Department Store Employees Union

75 Years of City Living: City College Celebrates 75 Years
Fall 2010-Spring 2011
Leafing Through Time: The City’s College at 75 Years
Pick Me! Choosing Juicy Fruits and Vegetables
Occupation! Economic Justice as a Civil Right in San Francisco, 1963-1964
Mexico: 2010.1910.1810: Independence and Revolution,
Two Anniversaries

TransAwareness Project

10 Years, 100 Exhibits, 1,000s of Ideas
Spring 2010Fall 2010
The 3Bs: Books, Bindings & Boxes: Books Made by Hand at City College
Welcome to My Global Hood: What is Environmental Justice?
Doing Art as if Your Life Depends on It: Self-Portraits by Incarcerated Men
and Women in the San Francisco City Jail

The Portraits of Vincent Jackson
Sue Ko Lee and the 1938 San Francisco National Dollar Store Strike

10 Years, 100 Exhibits
Rosenberg Library Celebrates Two Milestones!
Fall 2009Spring 2010
10 x 10, The Library’s 100th Exhibition

On 2 Wheels:
San Francisco Motorcyclists at Work, School and Play
Words, Verses and Grabatos
The Art and Activism of Favianna Rodgriguez

Rooted in Hope
Spring 2009-Fall 2009
The Ecology of Where You Live

Voices for Justice: The Enduring Legacy of the Latino Press
Look to Home, Chunming Yu and Rene Yung

The Thrill of Chance
Fall 2008-Spring 2009
Proper Behavior, Damas Malcriadas/Buen Comportamiento, Ill-Bred Ladies
¡Juega Lotería! A Chance to Win Friends and Neighbors
Caught Reading: The Intimacy of Books

Friends, Books, Art
Spring 2008-Fall 2008
Artists Working for All the People:
Art and Action and the Work of Pauline Teller
6 Degrees of Separation: A Hungarian Experience
Be A Friend, Join the Friends of the Library

Live, Draw, Read
Fall 2007-Spring 2008
Focus on Living: Portraits of Americans with HIV and AIDS
Drawing From Life: Sketchbooks on Bay Area Ecology
Read: Jewish Graphic Novels and More

Think and Do
Spring 2007-Fall 2007
Yarns of Rebellion: Women Needling History
Look at Iran: Her People, Culture and History, Part II
The Stand: Student Athletes of Color and Their Activism

Broad Strokes, Fine Detail
Fall 2006-Spring 2007
Write, Read: Contemporary Iranian American Calligraphic Art
Look at Iran: Her People, Culture and History, Part I
The Political Side of El Dia de Los Muertos

Fabricating the Future
Spring 2006-Fall 2006
Tapa, the Cloth That Binds Us: Stories from the Oceanic Diaspora
Spring Bling: Recent Work from the CCSF Metal Arts Program
City College is Your College:
Archival Resources Document the Last Seventy Years

Out ‘n Proud, Stories of LGBTQQ Lives
Fall 2005-Spring 2006
70 Years of Queer Life in San Francisco
Out at the Library

Stories: How They’re Made, Where They Live
Summer 2005
Art and Courage the Life and Work of Louise Gilbert
Her/His/Our Stories
Our Library, Then and Now

Color to Character
Spring 2005
Reading America, Recent Works by Mary Marsh
Our Library, Then and Now

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