Ohlone Elders and Youth Speak: Restoring a California Legacy

Sharing life experiences, Native songs, Native ceremonies, always partaking in Native events and ceremonies, doing everything in a good way, and being with other individuals who are proud and know that we are all still here, is my goal.  As my mother and grandmother say, ‘When ceremony and dancing stop, so does the earth.’
                                                                                                            – Kanyon Sayers-Roods

The Ohlone, over 1000 strong, have deep roots in California. They were here and are here. Ohlone Elders and Youth Speak celebrates the contemporary Ohlone with photographic portraits and recorded oral histories.

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2nd Floor Gallery, Rosenberg Library
Dates: May 15-Oct. 30, 2018
Sept. 20, 2018 Reception

Questions? Contact Katrina Rahn at krahn@ccsf.edu