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665-Seiscientos Sesenta y Cinco

April 5 – September 1, 2008, Rosenberg Library, 4th Floor Reference


Rosa Valdez

Valdez’ project was installed in the Library to coincide with Murder in the Margins: Global Systems of Exploitation, a conference organized by the Women’s Studies Department and other Departments at City College of San Francisco and by the Women’s Studies and Raza Studies. Departments at San Francisco State University.

The number 665 refers to the number of women murdered in Guatemala in 2005. Valdez says “The project aims to bear witness to these atrocities, to stand in solidarity with the friends and families of the murdered women and to denounce the legacy of impunity that has allowed thse murders to happen and to go unpunished.”

To learn more about the artist’s work go to www.rosamvaldez.blogspot.com

City College Library Resources:

Daughters of Juarez by Teresa Rodriguez, 2007
Desert Blood: The Juarez Murders, by Alicia Gaspar de Alba, 2005

“Guatemala Urged to Act on Murders,” BBC News, 2006

Bibliography/Webliography/Filmography by the Women’s Studies Department

City College Departments with Related Classes
Interdisciplinary Studies Department
Latin American Studies and Latino/a Studies Department

Women’s Studies Department



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